G & J "Simpson" rings

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Thu Jun 10 13:46:49 BST 2004

I never used to believe the tale that Cyril obtained a Taylor bell 
and used it to aquire information for "Simpson" profiles. However, 
when we restored Cobham (Kent) some years ago, I was surprised to see 
that the G & J treble of 1907 bore a marked resemblance to a Taylor 
profile. It also unsuprisingly sounds like one!
There is I suppose nothing unusual about one company buying a rival 
firms products, in order to ascertain how something is designed and 
manufactured. It does save time and money after all.
Kirkby Malzeard are of a "developed" G & J profile. I have listened 
to this fine 6 both inside and out, and although there is only a hint 
of "twang" the profiles have the characteristic sharp radius onto the 
soundbow and continuous taper to the shoulder.
Wimborne Minster front 6 are rather small, probably to keep the cost 
down (bells used to be charged by the cwt.) and perhaps because the 
company became very busy within a short space of time and Cyril 
simply did not have time to design and manufacture new crooks and 
boards. It is worth noting that at St. Peter's Croydon (cast 1 year 
after Wimborne) he did increase the sizes of the front 6 and made the 
2 trebles to a markedly different profile.
Nigel Taylor

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