Oakham and Pythagorean tuning

jimhedgcock jameshedgcock at h...
Sat Jun 12 07:32:37 BST 2004

--- I remember reading somewhere that the Riverside bass bell was 
WELL over 20 tons at casting, can't remember thr figures but it was 
in the region of 23, and was tuned to @ 18.25 tons.

> G & J were certainly not afraid to remove metal from their new 
> however. Looking at the tuning figures for Bromley, which Dickon 
> has recently extracted from the Gillett records in Croydon Library, 
> noticed that the tenor had over 3 cwt of metal taken out of it 
> the tuning process - an amount you might expect from tuning a 3 or 
> tonner, but not a 15 cwt bell! For all that, it ended up as a 
> fine and well tuned (including upper partials) bell however!
> Richard

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