G&J Simpson rings

Andrew Wilby andrew at w...
Sun Jun 13 23:35:53 BST 2004

Rang a peal at Wolverhampton last Saturday. First time I had been there for many
years. I have rung several peals there previously and my memories of them were
that they were very good.

But what a disappointment.... an unpleasant murky sound and the pathetic attempt
at a major third in the tenor makes it sound like a bin and generally does
nothing at all for the overall effect of the ring.

Is it the tower, the acoustics or the bells?

All I can say is at 33cwt C# they are not a patch on Coventry of same weight and
note, nowhere near as good as St Philips at thick scale 31 D. or either of the
Croydons. After saturday I would be all in favour of a having them recast,
probably by anybody, even Higby.

There is absolutly no melody in them at all from inside, can't speak for
outside. What went wrong?


Ps: I would mention that others who had not rung there for many years also
shared the same impression and disappointment. I was not alone in my view.

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