[Bell Historians] Wolverhampton

Stuart Hutchieson stuart.hutchieson at n...
Mon Jun 14 15:13:11 BST 2004

From: "David Bryant" <david at b...>

> Linking back to an earlier thread, what type of fittings have the
Wolverhampton bells got? Given their date, they are certainly going to have
been on plain bearings originally. I believe some of them have been rehung
on ball bearings since - does anyone know who did the work and whether all
of the bells are now on ball bearings?

Front 8 rehung on bb JT (I think) 1977, tenor 1985 (dont know) and remainder
2000 WBF who also improved oddstuckness. They certainly had a good
reputation before an additional floor was installed (in the 70's?) to
facilitate safer access for the clock-winder. Since then some efforts have
been made to improve the situation with limited results and comparisons with
earlier impressions are probably unlikely to be positive. Despite their
'imperfections' I enjoy them as a unique and gutsy twelve which can be
verying rewarding. Far from crap, anyway.


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