Wolverhampton tenor

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Wed Jun 16 13:44:33 BST 2004

The figures for Wolverhampton tenor according to C.F.J. are:
136 1/4; 272 1/2; 336 1/2; 409; 545
According to Just Intonation, this makes the 3rd 4.125 flat of a 
major 3rd.
The 10th has a nominal of 681 and "strike" 340.
There is a distinct wobble between the major 3rd in the tenor and 
the "strike" in the 10th. This is not unique to Wolverhampton: all 
the G & J rings having near major 3rd tenors have this 
characteristic, including St. Peter's Croydon, Wimborne and 
Hillingdon. In most cases like Wolverhampton, the beats are not 
nearly fast enough to be classed as a discord. Major 3rds in equal 
temperament, and in the "remote keys" of well-tempered tunings beat 
very much faster. In keyboard tunings, a sharp major 3rd is not 
regarded as a "wolf discord" until it is about 30 cents sharp or +415 
compared with 386 cents for an in-tune 3rd. 
I have to say that I thought Thaxted were a miserable ring, and that 
the radical tuning did not yield a significant improvement. 
I still think that Bagshot are the most remarkable ring drastically 
tuned by G & J; they cut nearly 3 1/2 cwt. out of the tenor!
Nigel Taylor

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