[Bell Historians] Old Bell Frames

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Sat Jun 19 22:25:20 BST 2004

>From: "David Bryant" <david at b...>

> There's quite an old one at Filey containing the current light six.
> I've only seen it briefly so don't have a more precise idea of its
> date - has anyone (GAD?) inspected it in more detail?
[I've seen it and it is not in my opinion all that ancient - not medieval,
anyway. It is a bit non-standard and surely wasn't made by a specialist
bell-frame maker.

Elkstone, Glos., I have remembered, is another frame still in use which
contains a substantial amount of 15th century material.

Of early-post-Reformation frames Bradford Abbas, Stogursey and Brasted are
all impressive, and were made by carpenters who knew what they were about in
bell terms.


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