Chelmsford and Warners "harmonic tuning"

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Mon Jun 21 20:11:01 BST 2004

Richard offen wrote:
>Chelmsford Cathedral are approaching harmonically tuned, but, in my
opinion, not near enough to be pleasant! I seem to remember
Daresbury, Cheshire as being pretty near to harmonically tuned, but
it is nearly 40 years since I rang there!
There are few bells by Warners where they achieved even a reasonable 
result. At Chelmsford, the 6th,5th and to a lesser extent the 4th 
are "near Simpson", but the remainder are wild: flat 2nd partials in 
the 3 trebles and excessively sharp in the back 6. The hums in 
several bells are several Hz. flat of an octave, and the nominals are 
scattered well beyond any known temperament, with a considerable 
degree of irregular stretch. In short: an abysmal failure! Erith are 
better, although the tenor and 7th have very sharp 2nd partials and 
the tenor has a flat hum.
Nigel Taylor

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