Broad Blunsdon

nigelsdtaylor nigeltaylor at k...
Mon Jun 21 20:23:43 BST 2004

Broad blunsdon were a minor mystery, in as much as Warners had 
machined the shoulders, although the 2nd partials were still sharp in 
the back bells and flat in the trebles! Additionally, most of the 
bells had sharp hums, although the bells had been machined in the 
waist. I was able to correct the tuning for the 3 octave tones to 
within a few cents of absolute. I have not rung on them, but I have 
been informed that they sound very nice.
Chelmsford cathedral bells have been machined from the soundbows to 
the upper waist, but none of the bells have been machined in the 
Nigel Taylor

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