[Bell Historians] Warners and Harmonic Tuning

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Tue Jun 22 16:17:04 BST 2004

> [In 1911. CD]
> > and did they ever achieve a decent, harmonically tuned ring of 
> >
> > Richard
> [Try Childwall (Liverpool) or Nether Peover. Most of their bigger 
> suffer from back bells with terribly sharp fundamental (alias 
prime) notes.
> Which is odd, because their maiden 30 cwt. bell of 1912 at 
Lansdowne Clock
> Tower, Bournemouth, is pretty well spot-on. CD]

What date are Childwall and Nether Peover (where I have rung, but can 
remember more about the splendid timber framed church than the 

What are the back six at St Nicholas, Wallasey like? It's now 35 
years since I rang on them as a six and seem to remember them as 
quite good ...but absence does make the heart grow fonder!


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