[Bell Historians] Re: Coalbrookdale was Warners bells

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Tue Jun 29 18:33:23 BST 2004

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> I quite agree. I was at the Royal Maundy Service there back in 
April of this year. I was at the time standing outside the west end 
with Peter & Jill Staniforth (Peter had been in the 1951 band which 
opened the bells) and Kingsley & Rosemary Mason. We had walked round 
from the north side, in the shadow of the Cathedral, where the bells 
were to be heard quite distinctly in changes; they came round as we 
got to the west end and were being perfectly (yes) struck in rounds, 
very slowly (14 sec/whole pull) and were heard in appropriate 
majesty.. Another real treat, on another occasion was to hear the 
front major eight in Eb being rung down; and on yet another to ring 
for a Judges' service on the back six. True glory.
> I agree! I think that they could stand 'on their own' as a superb 

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