[Bell Historians] Crown failures

Anne Willis zen16073 at z...
Wed Jun 30 19:31:48 BST 2004

Probably because the crack was extending over the shoulder and down the
waist of the bell and making it sound dead - that's what usually happens
with crown cracks, if they extend. Was a restoration of all the bells
carried out at the time? If so it would probably have been recast even if
the crack wasn't too severe at the time, especially where G&J were


Now I could say read that excellent book 'Heard But Not Seen'; a history of
Holy Trinity bells. However some thoroughly good wine my daughter brought
back from France mellows me sufficiently to say that G&J gave the bells and
frame a good service, which included strengthening the wooden frame; fitting
new clappers and gudgeons; and refitting and levelling the bearings of the
heavy bells.


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