[Bell Historians] Liverpool Cathedral Bells

David Bryant david at b...
Wed Jun 30 23:41:25 BST 2004

> > It would be interesting to know if any of the previous ring of 
> eight 
> > have managed to survive - they were 'dispersed to other churches'.
> Yes they were. I'm trying to find them all. I believe there is one at 
> Knotty Ash and another at Christ Church Linnett Lane, but havn't 
> managed to get up there yet.

In a similar vein, were all seven surviving bells from the old Worcester Cathedral ring ever located? the treble, 3rd, 4th and 7th are on display in the Cloisters, the tenor is at a church near Wakefield (can't remember the name but I'm sure somebody will be able to). Was the 5th ever found? (the 2nd was stolen prior to the ring being removed).



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