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When I was in my teens and used to ring at Liverpool Cathedral with 
Joe Ridyard as ringing master, many of 'the good and the great' 
came 'unstuck' after being given permission to ring the tenor 
unaided. Some let the bell fall when the other bells were not held 
when the bells were pulled off. They were then unable to get the bell 
back up when the front eleven slowed up. This situation then 
attracted the not unfamiliar cry, 'Graham, (Graham Austin) go and 
rescue that ****** clown over there!' How the mighty were fallen. 

I was present when Peter Border rang the bell to the Cambridge 12, 
and there were two great examples of heavy bell ringing that day - 
Peter on the tenor and John Anderson on the eleventh, the latter not 
sharing much the subsequent admiration.

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> > I suspect that what Mike means is that it's easy enough to get 
> bell down
> > to lead, it's turning it round and getting it back up again 
> the
> > tricky bit, rather than continuing to minus 1st place, minus 2nd 
> place,
> > etc....
> > 
> > Andrew Bull
> > 
> As Ted Collins once said of turning in Exeter tenor, "I got it down 
> to the front OK, but I needed a gas engine to get it back out to 
> twelfths!"
> R

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