[Bell Historians] Scales of Thickness

David Bryant david at b...
Sun Mar 28 19:42:34 BST 2004

> The discussion about which key note would be best for Seasalter set
> me thinking: is there and optimum scale of thickness to produce the
> best sounding change ringing peals. Some of the finest rings, eg.
> Evesham, Lichfield, etc. are at the thicker end of scale for their
> key note, but then you have equally successful rings such as Chewton
> Mendip, etc which are at the light end of the range. Surely it
> isn't all down to tower acoustics?

I've heard it said by those in the trade that a thick ring needs a tower
with good acoustics, whereas a thinner ring is likely to sound better in a
tower with poor acoustics.


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