[Bell Historians] Light rings and Tower Accoustics

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Tue Mar 30 23:13:57 BST 2004

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> > Hung-out trebles: the trebles at Worcester Cathedral are hung 
with flanged
> > canons, as York used to be. I don't find them particularly 
awkward to
> > strike, but I do suspect (as Mark R has hinted) that the 
increased clapper
> > throw causes the clapper to strike sooner relative to the swing 
of the
> bell
> > so that the effect of slowing down the bells swing (by being hung 
out) is
> > nullified (in terms of "striking time" by the increased speed of 
> > clapper. (Hope that makes sense!)
> At Worcester it's the four trebles - the only place where more than 
> front two have flange tops. I remember noticing that they are quite 
a bit
> shorter waisted than the York trebles, so perhaps the effect of the 
> isn't so great as it was at York.
> David

Did Taylor's really have a variable bell shape for the convenience of 
hanging in the 1920s? ...surely not!


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