[Bell Historians] Rolling pin sliders

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Tue May 4 10:42:46 BST 2004

Much nearer home for Alan is Birstall - they have a roller in a track - the
trouble is the wooden rollers wear (especially when the steel cage that
holds it is rusted) and the bells become deep set and the rolers can tend to
> Also, I remember seeing somewhere a G+J hanging job that had a
> slider which consisted a rolling ball in a track- were these common
> at all?

Sliding blocks by Taylors can be found on all six bells at Darrington 1895/6
and at South Kirkby where the bells are hung in a girder frame with no
substructure and the sliding blocks are mounted off the floor. The noise
when they operate is pretty loud in the ringing room.

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