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Thu May 6 09:06:17 BST 2004

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> I never saw tenor or treble - they were already out there. 2,4 & 5 
were tuned at WBF and then sent here and a new 3rd was cast and tuned 
here. The 2nd was a M&S 1958 bouy bell with a frilly edge and equally 
frilly harmonics, the 4th was from Doddiscombsleigh that we sold to 
GAD for a local project that ended up via London back here, JT 1961 
and the 5th was a T Mears bell of 1806 that had been well gouged, so 
I guess it must have been the treble of an eight to need that amount 
of metal out of it. Treble WBF 1974 and tenor J Rudhall 1823.
> Andrew

I love the idea of frilly harmonics ...could this be a new sales 
pitch for you to overcome the problems of even more restrictive 
preservation lists? Or perhaps the bells that are to be listed for 
their tonal qualities will be the frilly ones!

With apologies to those who think there should be no frivolity on 
this list!


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