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* According to Sharpe it is seventy years since he inspected them!

Several bells have been installed and removed again since Sharpe's time -
e.g. the trebles of 8 at St Mary Magdalen Oxford and Headington. It
certainly isn't up-to-date, but is still a useful reference work although I
don't think it's as good as some of his later books (Herefordshire


There have been a great many changes to the bells in Oxfordshire since
the publication of Sharpe's book, and also in the neighbouring county of
Berkshire. I took details of the rings from Sharpe's books, and have tried
to update them. I had hoped to have published more of my "lists" for the
counties of Oxfordshire and Berkshire, but I am still missing quite a lot of
detail. Through the kindness of Andrew Higson, Andrew Nicholson and Ben
Kipling, I have details of all the subsequent restorations by Taylor,
Nicholson and Hayward Mills, but there are still big gaps.
* I was contacted by Kate Crennell of Chilton, Oxfordshire, who
told me that she and Bobbie May were trying to collate up-to-date
information to compile a "Ringers Guide to the bells of the Oxford D.G." on
CD. Kate has visited some of the more recent restorations, and has been able
to supply information from tower notices. However, there are some towers
which have been restored since Sharpe's time, where there is no tower
notice, and the information is not available from the sources mentioned
* If anyone has up-to-date, previously unpublished information on
Oxfordshire and Berkshire restorations of the last 50 years, I can supply a
list of the towers for which I am lacking information.

Andrew Bull

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