[Bell Historians] Menangle

David Bryant david at b...
Thu May 6 13:56:59 BST 2004

> I think that you may be mistaking St James Sidney bells with 
> Menangle. It would be strange if Taylors hung bells with WBF fittings

No - they're definitely the Menangle bells - you can see that the third is the new one and the tneor has been painted black, which is what Soundweld do with bells they've repaired (and this one had a crown crack welded). The tenor certainly didn't have a headstock - it was hung dead for chiming in its previous home, and had canons. Whitechapel tuned it (see Andrew H's earlier email), so may have either provided the headstock or the drawings for it to be made locally.

As I've already mentioned, I think the 5th had a Barwell cast iron headstock. Don't know what happened to it, though.



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