Re: [Bell Historians]  You & Yours

Robert Lewis editor at r...
Fri May 7 12:50:28 BST 2004

Did anyone else hear the Radio 4 'You & Yours' item on bell listing 
broadcast at 12.20 today?

Aside from the inevitable jokey reference in the introduction, I thought 
it was fairly well produced and balanced. Interesting that EH specifically 
denied any direct involvement with the listing revision process - bearing 
in mind that Graham Pledger sits on the CCC Bells & Clocks Committee 
(albeit, perhaps, without his EH hat on - but would he be there otherwise 
one wonders?)

Paula Griffiths banged on about the listing being ADVISORY only ... I am 
really surprised that CCC are pushing that one so hard, since it seems 
patently clear that a great deal of weight is given to the fact that a bell 
is listed in any decisions that are made about its future. How often are 
listed bells boiled-up or tuned?


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