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Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Sun May 9 18:08:26 BST 2004

> I think the practice of only allowing tuning of the nominal of a listed bell
> is a daft idea - it can make the bell individually sound worse, and it will
> have been tuned and altered in any case - why not do it properly and do the
> best possible with the tuning of the harmonics?

[It is not possible to tune the nominal without affecting other partials.
However, I do think it is reasonable to ask for minimal retuning to correct
established faults in the case of bells which are for any reason special.
That's what we did with Llanbadarnfawr (five very good bells by Abel
Rudhall) and I understand the results have proved acceptable to all parties
(somebody please let me know if they haven't!). CD]
> Re. Ridge, I believe I am correct in saying that the bell in question was
> not even listed!

[That does seems to be true - but the St Albans list may have been revised
since 1969 which is the date on my copy, sent to me in 1986. But the Ridge
bell would have been covered by the Code of Practice. CD]

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