[Bell Historians] Re: Warner's big tuning machine (was Heythrop &c)

Anne Willis zen16073 at z...
Mon May 10 13:44:49 BST 2004

I doubt if the acquisition of the large tuning machine had anything to do
with Big Ben. They did not tune the first one. Neither the second one (by G
Mears) nor any of the quarter bells were tuned. If Denison didn't like what
he saw or heard then a replacement bell was cast, as happened in the several
incarnations of at least one of the quarter bells.

According to Peter Ferriday's biography of Lord Grimthorpe, only one of the
quarter bells was recast.

The 'litle quarrel'between Dennison and E.J. Loseby, as reported by
Ferriday, is as good as any on ringing-chat.


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