[Bell Historians] Brasted - the only complete Gillett, Bland & Co left?

Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Mon May 10 21:01:10 BST 2004

> I have been asked by Frank Lewis (a ringer in Kent) to consult the Bell
> Historians on his home tower, Brasted (Kent). They were cast in 1881 by
> Gillett, Bland & Co. Frank is asking whether this is the only complete
> Gillett, Bland & Co ring left? He has asked r-c the question before and
> someone mentioned other possibly contenders: Crawley (thought no longer to
> be intact) and a sex in Northumberland.
[Crawley in Sussex, that is.

Could the 'sex' be the one at Corbridge (1880)?

C D]

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