Re: [Bell Historians]  You & Yours

David Bryant david at b...
Mon May 10 21:58:55 BST 2004

> [It is not possible to tune the nominal without affecting other partials.
> However, I do think it is reasonable to ask for minimal retuning to
> established faults in the case of bells which are for any reason special.
> That's what we did with Llanbadarnfawr (five very good bells by Abel
> Rudhall) and I understand the results have proved acceptable to all
> (somebody please let me know if they haven't!). CD]

I know that it isn't possible to tune the nominal without afffecting the
others at all, but I've come across cases where the only tuning is in the
soundbow, and although the other partials have altered a bit there has
clearly been no attempt to get them closer to the ideal. My meaning was that
if it is possible to improve the sound of the bell by tuning it then why
not? If, of course, the bell is already pleasant-sounding then there will be
no need.


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