Coventry bells - the last post

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Wed May 12 20:45:25 BST 2004

Positively my last post on the subject: I have now put a 
transcription of the Coventry court case up as It is worth a read, if you 
have not seen it. It includes such priceless exchanges as:

Mr. J. George, of Birmingham, in giving evidence, said that . . . he 
had on many an occasion spent an hour at Coventry just for the 
pleasure he found in hearing the bells, though they were only chimed.
Sir Henry: I notice that you appear somewhat deaf; can you hear?
Mr. George: Fairly well.
How long have you been deaf? - 30 years.
Sir Henry: But do you think your hearing good enough to judge bell 
Mr. George: Though one ear is deaf, I hear twice as well with the 

And the following explanation of old-style hums:

He would like to remind the Chancellor, in regard to the properties 
of the flat seventh, that it was analogous to what they had studied 
in mathematical problems where a factor was introduced for the 
purpose of preventing recurrence. He thought the function of the 
flat seventh hum-note was very probably somewhat similar, inasmuch 
as it prevented the harmonics getting control of the primary wave 
lengths of sound.

Enjoy! - and the 'recording' of the bells, if you haven't yet heard 

Bill H 

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