[Bell Historians] Stayless trebles

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Thu May 13 11:40:17 BST 2004

> With careful teaching there is no reason to break stays. If the 
bells are
> not too deep set and the stays of quality ash they will take the 
odd bump
> from a novice or a missed sally from an experienced ringer! If a 
bell is
> very deep set or they stay spongy then I keep my learners off that 
> Moan finished - thank you for reading.
> Andrew

Hear, hear! It always frightens me to see how some people are 
taught and it's amazing that more people aren't hurt during the 
process. I forty years of teaching learners, I've never had one 
break a stay ...now if that isn't tempting providence, I don't know 
what is!

On the subject of different stay materials, I remember, many years 
ago, going up to look at the bells at Coltishall in Norfolk and 
finding that the treble had been fitted with two pieces of bent angle-
iron in place of the stay. Given that the bells were on G & J 
headstocks and the propensity to gudgeon failure this manufacturer's 
stock have, it was a wonder there hadn't been a nasty accident!


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