[Bell Historians] Stayless trebles

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Thu May 13 14:15:45 BST 2004

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> I believe the headstock of the 3rd at Aston got smashed by using a 
box-section steel stay, and the bell had to be be rehung on a new 
stock. Bells have had the crown broken out by too strong a stay being 
fitted - e.g. Bosbury, Herefordshire.
> I've tried stays with dowells, and found that they go too easily 
and, as Andrew said, without warning.
> It's getting quite difficult to get good air-dried ash. The kiln 
dried stuff is crap, especially for small socketed stays - a slight 
tap and over it goes!
> David

The old 4th (now 6th) at Burnley had an allaminium stay 
(Hastings), which was of the hinge and dowel type, but the dowel was 
metal, and talking to Richard Parker, it worked well.
The old 4th was the main teaching bell in the tower I understand.


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