[Bell Historians] Re: Kettering

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Thu May 20 17:57:47 BST 2004

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, David Bryant <david at b...> 
> > It appears Kettering PC did, pretty well, know where their bells 
> > going!
> They said that numbers three to eight were going to Attleborough, 
when actually it's only 3 to 7 and the eighth is going to Coleorton. 
They said that the others apart from the 11th were being scrapped, 
when in fact the trebles are being reused.
> As bell historians, we should be striving for accuracy, Richard :-)
> David
I'm sure we should on sites such as this one, but come on, the 
information was on the Parish Website and the gist of it was 
accurate - as Dave Kelly said, nothing is certain until the bells are 
actually hung in the tower. We should be delighted that the church 
authorities have featured the bells on their web site at all, which 
is an excellent boost to ringing, not complain about minor 
inaccuracies that are only of real interest to a small minority of 

As to the tower acoustics, etc, surely when spending such large sums 
and allowance will be made for getting this aspect right? Most of 
the work in this respect can only be done after the bells have been 
tried out and an assessment of the conditions has been undertaken. 
Even then, nothing major should be done until the clappers have 
bedded in, etc - we found that the character of Canterbury Cathedral 
bells change quite a bit over the course of the first year of ringing 
them regularly.


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