Lichfield Cathedral

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Thu May 20 23:22:30 BST 2004

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> I am aware of the great interest in the old frame at Lichfield 
> Cathedral. I stand to be corrected, but I think it is Bagley 
> I am also aware that considerable sums of money have been spent to 
> keep the frame in use. I am not aware whether or not the sums of 
> money spent have had the desired effect. Would it have been 
> and/or appropriate to have left the old frame in stu and rehang the 
> bells in a new frame in the North West Tower?

Yes, considerable sums have been spent on doing structural repairs to 
the seventeenth century frame and these were supervised by Adrian 
Dempster (who, funnily enough, I was talking to earlier this 
evening). The repairs have made some improvement to the go of the 
bells, but not as much as the ringers would have wished.

In answer to your second question, no, there is not room to hang the 
bells in a frame either below or above the present one, unless, of 
course it were possible to ring the bells from the ground floor!


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