[Bell Historians] RSJ stocks

Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Mon May 24 08:24:06 BST 2004

> Just a few observations on the recent exchanges on RSJ stocks.
> 1. Cold Ashby was definitely a Bowell job (not Barwell) [Agree. CD]
> 2. I don't know of any RSJ stocks by Barwell [Nor do I. CD]
> 3. Bremhill is/was a Webb and Bennett job, as has been pointed out [Most of
W & B's work is still there. CD]

and I thought that the bells at Kington St Michael were rehung by Arthur
Fidler in about 1972 (not by Bond) [Rehung by Fidler in 1979 in the
existing (1889) timber frame. CD]
> 4. Bowell's very serviceable RSJ stocks are invariably I section, with
> plate gudgeons bolted to the underside. [They are H-section just as Bond's
are, but placed the other way up as Chris implies. CD]
> 5. Bond's girder stocks, on the other hand, are H section with the gudgeons
> fixed in the underside of the channel [In other words the wrong way up, in
structural terms. CD]

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