Coventry - again

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Mon May 24 10:03:33 BST 2004

When I put up the 'recording' of the old Coventry bells, a number of 
people commented that there was too much bell and not enough tower; a 
valid criticism, given that the original recordings were taken with 
the mike only a few feet above the bells. There is a strongly held 
and justified view that much of the reputation of the old bells was 
due to the tower as much as the bells.

I don't have an impulse response for the Coventry tower. My first 
attempt to add in tower acoustic used that of Dorking, and was not a 
success (like listening to them down a drainpipe, as someone said!). 
It was quickly consigned to the recycling bin.

I have just put up a second attempt, which I think is much more 
successful - it gives a sense of space, and I think complements the 
bells without muffling them. You do need to listen on good speakers 
to hear the bells to good effect.

Bill H

PS - the impulse response used was that of my garage, but please keep 
this secret, I wouldn't want everyone to know.

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