[Bell Historians] Re: Lichfield Cathedral

Andrew Wilby andrew at w...
Mon May 24 20:35:35 BST 2004

This is written after dinner and a rather fine bottle of Claret.

I think what has been achieved at Litchfield is extemporary. The bells are
superb, there's no argument about that.
The go is now entirely ok with a reasonably competent band.
Compared to the way Bow behave, and we were there yesterday, Lichfield are a
mere stroll in the park. Bow on the other hand are now one of the most pealed
rings in the world so there can't be much that is impossible about them either.
All credit to those who have done the work at Lichfield... something about
staying out of the kitchen....

Now remind me Susie.... what was the problem?


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