RSJ Headstocks & Barwells.

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Mon May 24 22:26:54 BST 2004

The other day I said:

I'm not sure if Barwells did but Bond of Burford used them also (Kington St 

Michael, Wilts and Bremhill are two examples).

Sorry, my mistake - I was tired at the time and wasn't thinking straight! I 
meant to say that there were examples of RSJ headstocks at Kington St Michael 
and Bremhill. I wasn't really sure who they were made by! Another example of 
them (Bowell I am told) is at Leeds, Kent.
By pure coincidence - Charlotte went to visit her Gran today and was given a 
postcard of (in her words - "some old bells with funny headstocks") by a 
friend of her aunt, who knows that I "play" with bells. 
Sure enough, she returned this evening with this superb post card, photo 
taken in 1908, of the six bells and ringers of "Old Bradwell Church" - now part 
of Milton Keynes I am told. The ringers names are also written on the back of 
the card. They look like three very old bells and three new - if you zoom in 
very close, you can just make out the word "Barwell" on the tenor. Best of 
all - they have a set of RSJ headstocks, and very smart they look too!
I can post it if I am allowed. Are we enabled?
Matthew Higby & Co Ltd,
Church Bell Engineers.
Jasmine Cottage,
The Street,
BA3 4HN.

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