RSJ Headstocks & Barwells.

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Mon May 24 23:20:07 BST 2004

 Another example of 
> them (Bowell I am told) is at Leeds, Kent.

[Only the back four at Leeds are on Bowell's RSJ stocks, the front 
six have timber headstocks (also by Bowell). However there are 
loads of other examples these excellent pieces of steelwork in Kent: 
Gillingham, Marden, Smarden, Halling, Boxley, East Sutton, Chart 
Sutton, Warehorne, St Nicholas at Wade, to name but a few!]

> Sure enough, she returned this evening with this superb post card, 
> taken in 1908, of the six bells and ringers of "Old Bradwell 
Church" - now part 
> of Milton Keynes I am told. The ringers names are also written on 
the back of 
> the card. They look like three very old bells and three new - if 
you zoom in 
> very close, you can just make out the word "Barwell" on the tenor. 
Best of 
> all - they have a set of RSJ headstocks, and very smart they look 

[The fact that the bell was cast by Barwell, doesn't necessarily mean 
that the fittings were made by him - they could have subsequently 
been rehung by Bowell.]


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