Smarden, Kent

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Wed May 26 09:35:54 BST 2004

> You are not wrong about the recording quality! I had to write some 
> software to clean it up enough to analyse.
> Using the mains hum as a pitch standard - I assume you have 50Hz 
> mains in Kent! - Smarden tenor partials are approximately as 
> Nominal 676Hz (E + 43)
> Hum 170Hz (-2387 cents)
> Prime 344Hz (-1169 cents)
> Tierce 405Hz (-890 cents)
> i.e. this is a good bell in anyone's book.
> Bill H

What a star you are Bill! Thanks for doing this analysis, it makes 
very interesting reading.

I have a feeling that the bells get progressively less good as you go 
round to the front, but it begs the question are there other Bowell 
bells around that are as harmonically good as this one, or where 
Smarden Alfred's great mistake? It was an excellent mistake if 
they were!

I guess we need to analyse some more post-Smarden Bowell bells now to 


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