RSJ Headstocks

David Bryant david at b...
Thu May 27 15:03:17 BST 2004

A bit late on this one, but I think it is true that the largest of Bowell's RSJ headstocks was fitted to the 32cwt tenor at St Mary-le-Tower in Ipswich. There's a picture of it (originally supplied to me by Chris Pickford) on the rings of 12 website.

Incidentally, while on the subject of Ipswich, what has happened to the old 9th? It was near the doors in Taylor's main workshop for quite a while, but I noticed on a visit there that it has now been moved from there.

And while on the subject of bells from rings of twelve, what eventually happened to the front 8 and sharp 2nd of the old Shoreditch ring? Weren't they going as a ring somewhere?



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