[Bell Historians] Old Shoreditch

Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Fri May 28 10:59:21 BST 2004

> DB <And while on the subject of bells from rings of twelve, what eventually
> happened to the front 8 and sharp 2nd of the old Shoreditch ring? Weren't they
> going as a ring somewhere?>
> The remain in private ownership and in store pending decisions on their
> Andrew [Wilby}

What, after all these years?

By the way, was I alone in finding the report (in this week's Comic) of the
latest (not very recent) CCCBR/EH meeting lacklustre, toothless and a lot of
other things? Are we as ringers/bell historians happy, I asked myself, that
the future of ringing installations in this country should be in the hands
of these people? I don't mean to be rude, but really...

What on earth is Graham Pledger doing (perhaps I'd better ask him) looking
to see how other Taylor high-sided A frames behave: the one that needs to
be known-about is the one at Malvern Priory and in that tower. Peterborough
Cathedral anyway is not all high-sided A, it is partly H.

Disillusioned of Ullingswick.

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