[Bell Historians] impartiality?

David Bryant david at b...
Fri May 28 11:51:43 BST 2004

> I was once rather annoyed to read someone's list of bellfounders/hangers
> that was incomplete to say the least, though there was no mention of
> reccommendations. When I queried the matter I was told that the list had
> 'been taken from the RW diary', or words to that effect, and that the person
> had never heard of/had no experience with X,Y or Z. The person concerned
> had nothing to do with the DAC, but was someone who would be consulted in
> these matters. The list has since been revised.

I suppose it can be difficult - obviously all of the major bell founders / hangers who work nationally should be included, but what about the smaller operations who only tend to work within a hundred mile radius of their base? Should they be included in lists for areas outside their normal working area?



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