[Bell Historians] Points of view/Great Malvern

David Bryant david at b...
Fri May 28 21:08:20 BST 2004

> EH think that the frame can be strengthened and so the DAC didn't oppose

But what on earth would be the point? It isn't a very good example of that
type of frame - most people seem to agree on that - and would need modifying
to take ten bells. What concrete grounds can there be for insisting on its
retention? If EH want to ensure that some of these type of frames are kept,
there are much better examples which are not likely to compromise any future
rehanging scheme - either because they are likely to continue in use or
because the bells could be hung beneath. I can think of several without even
trying! Have EH given their reasons for being so determined to ensure that
the Malvern frame is retained?



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