CCCBR/EH Meeting

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Mon May 31 11:58:49 BST 2004

> What, after all these years?
> By the way, was I alone in finding the report (in this week's 
Comic) of the
> latest (not very recent) CCCBR/EH meeting lacklustre, toothless and 
a lot of
> other things? Are we as ringers/bell historians happy, I asked 
myself, that
> the future of ringing installations in this country should be in 
the hands
> of these people? I don't mean to be rude, but really...
> What on earth is Graham Pledger doing (perhaps I'd better ask him) 
> to see how other Taylor high-sided A frames behave: the one that 
needs to
> be known-about is the one at Malvern Priory and in that tower. 
> Cathedral anyway is not all high-sided A, it is partly H.
> Disillusioned of Ullingswick.

No, you are not alone. 

Apart from making depressing reading, it didn't even make sense - 
what on earth have Attleborough and St Osyth to do with the 
Roadshow? There was also another point which I remember 
thinking "what's all that about?" but I really can't bring myself to 
go through the article again to find it!

The most depressing thing of all was to find the CCCBR agreeing that 
bell founders/hangers should recommend to their clients that English 
Heritage be involved at the earliest opportunity. Why? Judging by 
the multitude of tales of woe that we hear about jobs involving EH, 
their involvement should be avoided at all costs!

It appears to me that a number of those working for EH have lost 
sight of its stated objective, "We seek to unlock the potential of 
the historic environment through sustainable management of the best 
of the past, in partnership with national and local decision makers." 
(English Heritage A User's Guide, Spring 2003)

Now, tell me where the sustainability is within the current proposals 
for the frame at Malvern Priory? And as for 'the best of the 


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