Great bell located

Carl S. Zimmerman csz_stl at s...
Thu Nov 4 05:37:56 GMT 2004

I am pleased to be able to announce that the great clock chime which 
Gillett & Johnston shipped to Colorado Springs in 1931 has been 
located. I discovered and visited it two weeks ago, while on 
vacation/holiday in Colorado. Details can now be found on the GCNA 
Website as follows:

Not mentioned there, but of possible interest to other bell 
historians, are the following G&J serial numbers:
#1 (B) - 4025
#2 (A) - 4024
#3 (G) - 4037
#4 (C) - 4022
#5 (G#) - 4021
Clock - 9383
Obviously the #3 bell was originally scheduled to be serial # 4023; I 
can't help but wonder what happened to change that.

I hope to be able to add some photos eventually. Since I haven't 
graduated from film to digital photography yet, that may take a while.

Questions or comments, either about the newly posted material or 
about what isn't there, are welcome.

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