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The tenor was note E flat nominal 617Hz

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Congratulations on a super write-up (and recording) of the bells. It alw=
hits me when I hear stories like this, just how badly "our" generation ha=
been affected by the destructive decades of the 60's and 70's. The story=
St. Dunstan carries a warning about our church authorities - no doubt a=20
similar crew who closed St. Stephen Rosslyn Hill (Hampstead) in 1977 and=
decided that the bells had to go there.

I was deeply moved by John Pladdys' recording of St. Dunstan's bells, the=
remind me very much of the 1930 octave at Walkden, Manchester.=20=20
Incidentally, were St. Duinstan's really in E-flat? For most of the=20
recording, they sound in E, although about 3/4 from the end they shift to=
lower key, no doubt due to the age of the recording. It would be=20
interesting to see Taylors' tuning figures sometime. Let's hope we can=20
bring what's left of this magnificent octave back to the UK before long.

Keep up the good work Dr Love!

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