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I think Matthew Higby has.


Well - I have looked at it on several occasions and its (probable) sister 
frame at St Mary's Limerick. Lots of massive timbers. The back 8 swing 
North/South in two lines of 4 against the North & South walls with a large gap in 
between. The two trebles swing E/W on a separate frame built on top of this gap. 
It was much carved about by the clock fitters about 10 years ago when they 
fitted external electro mag hammers to all 10 bells. It stands well and 
doesn't move that much. WOA carried out some repairs and overhauled the bells 
last/this year.


Matthew Higby & Co Ltd,
Church Bell Engineers.
Jasmine Cottage,
The Street,
BA3 4HN.
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