[Bell Historians] Warners

David Bryant david at b...
Mon Nov 29 14:26:50 GMT 2004

> I rang a peal at St Oswald, Hartlepool yesterday and noted that they 
> claim to be the only complete ring of 10 by Warners. I know that 
> they only cast one ring of 12 (and also one chime of 12), but would 
> have thought that they had managed another 10 at some time during 
> their existence. Can anyone enlighten me?

They cast two twelves, although one (Buckfast) were hung dead until the tower reached a sufficient height for them to be hung for ringing. There was one peal on them before they were recast by Taylor's into the present heavier ring.

I believe that Hartlepool are the only extant complete Warner ten. I don't know of any others, even ones which have since been recast. I expect CJP will be able to provide a definitive answer.



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