Mallaby and Durham

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"My" Mallaby list - his work is mostly well outside the areas I know best, =
though I'm interested because of a couple of jobs in Warwickshire - makes n=
o claim to be exhaustive. But I certainly thought that Durham St.Nicholas w=
as a Mallaby job - date of Warner treble - even if it's not on the list.=20

The case of a visit date being mistaken for a weight was Frome - not High H=
am - I'm pretty certain. The tenor was weighed in the tower during a partia=
l refurbishment - not a full rehang. There was an unauthenticated tenor wei=
ght at High Ham too - 21-2-11 in RW 3 Sept.1971 - that Ron Dove never accep=
ted for the guide. It's now known to be 17-1-2 !

CJP Marquee
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