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The history of the bells at Eddystone lighthouse crops up from time to time=
. The bells were illustrated in early advertisements of Gillett & Bland, an=
d the Croydon foundry records show that they were cast in 1881. The bells w=
ere a pair of "two tonners", one weighing 41-3-14 and the other 40-3-11.

While browsing some wartime RWs last night, I came across the following:

An article on centenary of Gillett & Johnston in Ringing World 21 January 1=
944 p.28 states "Croydon's Town Clock and bells were made by Gillett & John=
ston, but it is not generally known that some of the metal used came from t=
he old bells of Eddystone Lighthouse which had been melted down"=20

The Croydon Town Hall bells were cast in 1894, so it looks as if the Eddyst=
one bells had a very short life - cast 1881 and scrapped in 1894. I don't =
recall having seen anything about when the Eddystone bells were removed, an=
d I think this provides an answer to the mystery

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