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Tue Sep 7 14:41:03 BST 2004

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> MessageIIRC the G&J eight at Egham were augmented to ten by the 
addition of two Whitechapel-cast "G&J" bells and hung by G&J some 
time in the late '60s/early '70s. Am I right?
> DB

Absolutely right! 

I think it was late 1970 whe the two treble for Egham were hung. 
Certainly at that time, G & J Clocks retained a full time bell hanger 
(probably did clock work when not bell hanging!), who's name I can't 

G & J also refurbished the bells at Wrotham in the 70s, retaining the 
superbly engineered plain bearings, of which I have waxed lyrical on 
this list before!


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