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Not really for this list - it's a musical term instructing the person
perfoming the piece to decrease in speed gradually, frequently used to
conclude choral pieces but all it means in this context was that things were
slowing up at the end.

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What's a rallentando please? Does it have anything to do with this list?

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> > UJ
> > > It's okay - I've had a moan now and I'll leave you
> > > in peace...
> >
> > No don't go Jennie. Tell us all what it was like
> > ringing n-1 to the great king of the tenor box from
> > York Minster at Northallerton (today's comic)...
> >
> > Hippo
> Hmmm - well unfortunately for him, he didn't need a box on
> our huge tenor. It was okay really, but the concentration is
> a bit lacking - could have done without the "gazing round at
> the photos and peal boards and catching the sally as low as
> possible, ringing with very bent arms and being SLOW". I
> could have done without the rallentando at the end of the
> hand-stroke roll-ups (well to be honest not a rallentando at
> all but a gap after the 9th).
> Actually he apparently had walked out of the Minster practice
> after someone took his photo on Tuesday, but he has been to
> Northallerton practice for 4 weeks now with no discernible problem.
> Hey Hippo - I've only had 4 hours sleep in 39 hours - let me
> get to bed - PLEASE [Just realised I shouldn't say things
> like that on this list - asking for trouble]
> zzzzzzzzz
> UJ

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