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I wonder if they thought 1921 was ancient and therefore of great value. Per=
haps they thought they were getting a nice old bell by a long-defunct found=
er. Perhaps what they really want is something 1800-1850 with old-fashioned=
harmonics; something with longer history than a mere 1921 bell with modern=
tuning by a founder that's still operating. Perhaps they'd like pretty nob=
bly ring-things on top, too.=20

Try offering a swap! (You could go a bit heavier, too!)

Chris Povey

We (Keltek Trust) dropped out of the bidding when the prices were far hig=
her than we were prepared to pay, it sold for =A32,100. We have also tried =
to contact the buyer to find out the intended use etc. but have had no resp=

Dave Kelly

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