Roderic Bickerton rodbic at n...
Wed Sep 15 22:47:44 BST 2004

Pitstone, Ivinghoe group Bucks. Redundant church vested in the CCC
Has any one details of bells and frame and dates, and or the date of
the treble has had its cannons knocked off and been hung on a new stock
the 2nd headstock top had a metal load plate maybe 3" x 16" inches fitted.
The second bearings mounted in fabricated fish plates.
The tenor headstock was cut back and re topped.
When may this have been done and by whom?
Around 1800?
frame from late 1500's or 16?? improved (within 100 years?).
It is a KP with full heads and bracing to the top of the KP's, with long
diagonal braces added later.
It is quite tall, I forgot to measure it.

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